Longship Group

Why Become One of 

Our Divisional Partners?

A Proven Formula For Success

Longship offers a range of key differentiators that will bolster your business’s growth sustainably and maximize your profit.

Powerful Shared Services Model

Our powerful back-office support team removes the hassle of administrative functions, allowing even the smallest business to scale sustainably.

Strong Leadership Team

Our leaders have decades of experience running nine-figure revenue companies. You'll also be surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are now as shareholders.

Ambitious Acquisition Model

We believe vision drives growth and success. We’re constantly expanding our network of businesses through strategic acquisition and rapid integration.

Core Business Focus
Our owners and branch managers dedicate efforts to what they know best — core business and industry. This strategy adds value to our ever-growing portfolio.

Interested in becoming a divisional partner?


Sustainable Growth Starts Here

Business owners who sell to us and become shareholders can leverage four opportunities to grow their business, no matter its size. In fact, most acquisitions experience between 300%-500% growth within the first 12 months by taking advantage of our model. 

Leverage the Support of an Organic Sales Team

We’ll invest in your business, helping you grow with the full support of a sales team, experienced division presidents, and shared back-office support service.

Multiply Value through Acquisition

Our acquisitions strengthen the value of our network — including your business. Through it all, you get to focus on your core competency.

Utilize Franchising to Grow Your Presence

Capture an even greater share of the market and reap the benefits by using a low-cost approach that does not rely heavily on capital.

Capitalize on Cross-Selling Synergies

We touch many sectors, from HR to marketing. Shareholders leverage B2B relationships among our business lines to scale and diversify offerings.

How can I handle this growth?

As a shareholder, you’ll have a team of experts behind you to facilitate your company’s growth behind the scenes. We work with an extensive list of national accounts, and you’ll gain access to every one when you join our portfolio.

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