Longship Group

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Our Story

Longship Group is led by a tenured team of seasoned professionals with the goal of uniting tried and trusted businesses within one first-class network. Over the years, we’ve acquired a number of companies to create a rock-solid portfolio of businesses. Today, those businesses help people discover new opportunities and unlock their full potential through excellent placements, partnerships and consulting services. Our businesses provide expert strategies and efficiency-boosting processes to their clients, and our local leaders and passionate team members set Longship Holdings apart from the competition.
Longship Group provides flexible, comprehensive solutions under three distinct business verticals:

Longship Commercial encompasses our network commercial staffing brands, which provide qualified talent to businesses within the industrial and commercial sectors. 

Longship Healthcare comprises our network of healthcare businesses, which support medical and non-medical staffing across care facilities nationwide. 

Longship Professional includes our network of professional staffing businesses, which provide top-notch talent in the human capital space.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

The corporate culture and success of Longship Group is defined by its people. We hire based on experience, qualifications, and a shared mindset, vision, and values. Our culture is rooted in relationships and caring, and our goal is to engage and connect both our clients and employees by educating, encouraging, and inspiring. We believe in the power of intentional communication, positive connection, friendly collaboration, shared inspiration, and thoughtfulness.

We’re always looking for driven, passionate professionals to join our ever-growing team. Search for open roles within our corporate office or any of our divisional partners or submit your resume and a cover letter outlining what you’re looking for on your career journey. Our human resources team will aim to match you with a position that aligns with your professional skills and experience.